SleepPhones® and ASMR

SleepPhones® Headband Headphones Help Deliver Remarkable ASMR Tingles!

If you participate in, have seen news for, or are simply curious about the phenomenon called ASMR — Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – then SleepPhones® can tell you "we get it."

Part of the reason ASMR is so difficult to explain is that it's truly a different experience for everybody. Head tingles. Braingasms. Auditory euphoria. Whisperemarkable. There's no limit to the sensational descriptions inspired by ASMR experiences.

The only thing that's common about ASMR is that the experience is uncommonly personal— and often encountered through visual or auditory stimulus that is subtle, gentle and uniquely specific to each person connecting with an ASMR sensation.

The Perfect ASMR Headphones

ASMR videos, apps and podcasts all sound a little more intimate with the comfort and performance of SleepPhones® headband headphones

Our SleepPhones® sleep headphones feature some of the thinnest audio speakers available, tucked neatly inside a super comfortable, stretchy headband available in two feel-good fabrics— a supple fleece material and a cool, lightweight breeze material.

Many people who swear by ASMR also vouch for just how much wearing comfortable headphones can heighten and intensify ASMR sensations. View ASMR and other SleepPhones Testimonials.

Take A Closer Look At How ASMR Can Lead To A Better Night's Sleep

Many ASMR advocates and participants swear by the deep relaxation and meditative serenity that different ASMR approaches provide— with sound and absorption in sound being a popular trend.

We've taken an even closer look at ASMR's relationship to sleep, and how SleepPhones can play a pivotal role in your personal autonomous sensory meridian response. Check out our ASMR for Sleep article here.

Listen as ASMR's Maria (aka Gentle Whispering ASMR) unboxes her very own SleepPhones® headphones and cuddly Cirrus stuffed sheep!

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