SleepPhones: Pajamas for your ears

SleepPhones: Pajamas for your ears SBDC Pennsylvania

Success Story

In 2007, family physician Wei-Shin Lai, MD struggled with falling back to sleep after late night phone calls from patients and hospitals. She wanted to listen to soothing lullaby sounds to relax, but could not find a comfortable pair of headphones for sleeping. Jason Wolfe, her significant other and business partner, looked all over the Internet and could not find any soft headphones either. So Wei-Shin and Jason did what so many entrepreneurs do when they are beset with a problem: they solved it. They created headphones that could be worn comfortably during sleep out of fleece. It worked so well for Wei-Shin that she had more energy to do other things! Wei-Shin and Jason decided to start a company manufacturing SleepPhones in order to help other people sleep better.

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