How to Deal with a Snoring Roommate

It's safe to say that sharing space with a snoring roommate is a challenge. Your roomie may be the best during waking hours, but leave you wondering how to deal with a snoring roommate at night.

The good news is there are steps you can take short of moving out. Try these tips if your roommate snores.

  • Communicate about the issue. Your roommate may be totally unaware that he or she snores. Letting them know about the issue in a caring way may help them decide to seek help. Snoring is sometimes a symptom of a health issue like sleep apnea or allergies.
  • Suggest simple remedies. If you already talked to your roommate and he or she seems open to suggestions, you can offer a few simple ideas to help them stop snoring. They could include investing in a new pillow, changing his or her sleeping position, cutting out alcohol before bed, kicking a smoking habit, turning on a humidifier at night, and using nasal strips that open the air passageways.

  • Hit the hay before your snoring roommate. Some people find it's easier to fall asleep before their snoring roommate because they don't get worked up about waiting to hear those first snores.
  • Use earplugs. A good pair of earplugs can reduce noise by 35 decibels. That may be just what you need to deal with a snoring roommate.

  • Listen to something relaxing. Many people find relief from a snoring roommate by listening to soothing music, nature sounds, white noise, and more. If you decide to go this route, it's worth investing in high-quality comfortable headphones like SleepPhones®. As the world's most comfortable headphones for relaxing, SleepPhones® feature flat speakers in a soft stretchy headband. Check out our most popular models below!
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