What to Know About ASMR for Sleep

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Do you count yourself among the thousands of people who enjoy ASMR, the deeply relaxing experience in which certain sounds trigger a tingly feeling in your body?

ASMR— which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response— can be triggered by something as simple as listening to someone brush their hair, whisper, or crinkle paper. (Or watching Bob Ross paint–some people call the late painter the original ASMR artist!)

ASMR may sound rather niche, but is becoming more popular all the time. Top ASMR artists have millions of followers. Meanwhile, singer Cardi B recently shared that she's an ASMR fan.

How ASMR Helps You Sleep

Fans of ASMR like it because it provides a natural way to unwind. Many also use ASMR to sleep. In fact, a recent study revealed that 60 percent of people reported feeling sleepy after experiencing ASMR.

ASMR usually starts as a tingly feeling in the scalp or neck that can then spread elsewhere to the body. You'll often hear ASMR referred to as a "braingasm" for this reason. As the body relaxes, it becomes much easier to set the stage for sleep.

It's not totally known how ASMR helps you sleep and relax. But one guess links ASMR with synthesia, a condition in which one sense (such as hearing) is simultaneously perceived by one or more additional senses (such as taste). With synthesia, you could taste cookies every time you saw something like a bridge. Whether you can experience synthesia is controlled by genes. Likewise, whether you can experience ASMR may also be controlled by your genes.

How to Use ASMR to Help You Sleep

It's not hard to find high-quality ASMR content online these days... ASMR to help you sleep is so popular that there's even an "ASMR Sleep Sounds" compilation on Spotify. Other options when it comes to sourcing ASMR to help you sleep include YouTube, the Tingles app, or our ASMR For Sleep playlist.

It's recommended that you relax in a quiet space with minimal distractions when listening to ASMR to help you sleep. It's also recommended that you slip on headphones for ASMR. Quality headphones will help block out ambient noise and let you tune into the often subtle sounds of ASMR.

Thousands of ASMR enthusiasts have found SleepPhones® to be the perfect headphones for ASMR. That's because they feature flat speakers in a super soft headband. These "pajamas for your ears" are comfortable enough to let you sleep on your side. What's more, the sound quality is crisp and clear.

SleepPhones® come in four models to fit your taste and budget. The newest model is SleepPhones®: ASMR Edition. This first of its kind product features eight hours of exclusive ASMR content pre-loaded into it. This means you can listen to ASMR created by top ASMRtists anytime, anywhere, with no need for any external devices.

Enjoy ASMR to the fullest by investing in the right headphones for ASMR. Check out our models below to find just the right ones for you!

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