Stressing About Sleep? SleepPhones Can Help!

So What Is It About Sleep That Keeps So Many Of Us Awake At Night?

There's never been a person who hasn't had to sleep— regardless of what you may have read about Albert Einstein. Consult national statistics and sleep studies (of which there are thousands) and one trend emerges clearly: as a population, when it comes to sleep, we're just not getting enough of it.

Packed days. Stress. Juggling jobs. Swing shifts. Children. Caretaking of loved ones. The hectic rhythms of our uniquely individual days are affecting our ability at night to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Hectic Days Work Against Natural Rhythms That Promote Sleep. Fight Back With SleepPhones®

Living organisms are all subject to circadian rhythms— physical, mental and behavioral changes that generally follow a 24-hour cycle in response to light and darkness within our environment. In effect, our bodies "know" when sleep is necessary.

One way to promote regular sleep at regular times is to slip on a pair of SleepPhones® headband headphones at roughly the same time every evening. Many times, you can help subtly kick-start the sleep process by actively advocating your own relaxation.

Listen to soothing music, podcasts, audiobooks, guided meditation, binaural beats— audio input can often help ease the strain of a long and stressful day.

How do we know? It's why SleepPhones® were invented! Our origin story is at the heart of our product development!

Not Getting Enough Sleep? You Are Not Alone.

National sleep studies & statistics in 2017 reveal many of us are simply not getting enough high quality sleep. Get the sleep facts, review some of the leading sleep studies & see how SleepPhones can help you get to sleep better in this article.

The Physical, Physiological, and Behavioral Effects of Stress

Being stressed during the day can make it difficult to fall asleep when it comes time to lay down for the night. Check out our post about how stress and sleep are intrinsically linked plus some actionable tips for reducing your stress levels.

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