Rise and Shine: How to Wake Up to an Alarm Through Headphones

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Whether for school, work, or something else, waking up to an alarm clock is a reality for millions of people.

The majority of us simply set a traditional alarm or an app on our smartphone to rouse us. But what if you don't want to wake up a roommate or bedmate? Or if you're someone who enjoys falling asleep with headphones on?

Fortunately, there is a way to wake up to an alarm through headphones. You simply need two things: comfortable headphones you can wear in bed and an alarm clock (or alarm clock app) that's compatible with your headphones.

If you prefer an actual alarm clock, there are many excellent smart alarm clocks on the market to consider. Smart alarm clocks are WiFi enabled and able to connect with your Bluetooth® enabled headphones.

The other option is to download an alarm clock app. Your phone may come with one already preinstalled. If it doesn't, there are many alarm clock apps that work with both iOS and Android. A few popular apps to play an alarm through headphones are AlarmMon, Good Morning Alarm Clock, and Alarm Clock for Me.

Download AlarmMon: Apple / Android

Download Good Morning Alarm Clock: Apple / Not available for Android

Download Alarm Clock for Me: Apple / Android

The final piece of the equation is getting high-quality and comfortable headphones you can wear in bed. SleepPhones®, the world's first and most comfortable headphones for sleeping, fit the bill perfectly. They feature flat speakers in a soft, stretchy headband. They're so comfortable that you can even wear them if you're a side sleeper!

SleepPhones® come in two styles: a corded version that plugs into your phone and a wireless style that cordlessly connects to your Bluetooth® enabled devices. Learn more below!

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