The Best Music and Sounds for Sleeping

Sleep Sounds app for sleep music

The possibilities for music and sound are endless. So, how do you find the best ones for sleeping?

AcousticSheep® is here to answer that question. Below, you’ll find a list of articles we’ve written on various types of music and sounds for sleeping. If you’re wondering how many beats per minute sleeping music should be, or about the frequency and amplitude of sleeping sounds in general, then you’re in the right place.

Help us in our quest by downloading our app, Sleep Sounds by AcousticSheep®—an innovative crowdsourcing AI that generates sounds based on user reviews. It’s like selective breeding: You tell us which “sheep” goes on to reproduce, and eventually, a new, more improved sheep will come to take its place.

Downloading the app is not just a great way to discover your own sleeping music. You’ll also help us find the sounds that work best for everyone.

Want more music? Check out our list of free MP3s. From piano keys to static noise to sizzling bacon, these tracks are guaranteed to help you rest easier. Also, visit our YouTube playlists for even more curated content from our affiliates, including ASMRists and ambient musicians. We include links to our favorite music in some of the articles below.

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