Sizing and Headband Care Instructions

How do I figure out what size to buy?

Check out our sizing chart to determine what size will fit you best. Medium is the most common size, and will fit most people.

SleepPhones® Size Hat Size (US) Hat Size (UK) Inches cm Estimate
(previously Extra Small)
Up to 6 3/4 Up to 6 3/4 20 - 21 3/8 51 - 54 Petite women
Medium (previously One Size Fits Most) 6 7/8 - 7 3/8 6 7/8 - 7 3/8 21 1/2 - 23 3/8 55 - 59 Nearly everyone
Large (previously Extra Large) 7 1/2 and Up 7 1/2 and Up 23 1/2 - 25+ 60 - 63 + Large and tall men with hair

The headbands do stretch a bit, so if you are between sizes, we suggest going with the smaller size. Having the proper size headband, with a snug fit, is crucial not only for comfort but for sound too. If the headband is too loose it will cause the speakers to move around. Our SleepPhones® Headphones come in our signature SheepCloud™ fabrics, both of which are 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Here is a short demonstration video on how to find the proper size for you. If you order the wrong size, we would be happy to exchange it for you. Hereis more information about our exchanges and warranty.

What are the care instructions for SleepPhones®?

We recommend that the headbands be washed occasionally to remove the build-up of oils, which causes the headbands to stretch and lose their proper fit. Please view our quick video for details on removing and reinserting the speakers.

Our SheepCloud™ fabric does not contain any animal and plant fibers that may cause an allergy problem. They are not treated with any fabric softeners or fire retardant chemicals.

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