And the CES Design & Engineering Innovations winner is... RunPhones! Twice!

We did it again! AcousticSheep has just won two CES Design & Engineering Innovations Honoree Awards!

RunPhones® Wireless and RunPhones® Intensity won in both the Headphones and Wearable Technology categories, respectively.

See the full press release here!

CES 2014 Innovations Award Icon

RunPhones® Wireless: This inventive product received the award for the Headphones category with this high-tech addition: Bluetooth technology.

RunPhones® Wireless are sleek, Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones hidden in a washable, moisture-wicking sporty headband that stays put while walking, running or on the go.

RunPhones® Intensity: This innovative product has been awarded in the new Wearable Technology category. Its design incorporates comfort, technology and a proven fitness strategy so seamlessly that it all fits in a washable, moisture-wicking sporty headband. Push play and push yourself with RunPhones® Intensity sans clunky ear buds and tangly wires.

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